ARTO BFA Workshop with Jonathan Ball / Branding + Packaging

Analog film for the digital age.

Derived from Aristocrat, ARTO aims to deliver high quality film to those who wants to enjoy the analog look and process of film photography in today’s digital world.

Brand Brief

To kick-off the project, brand sliders were created to establish the tone and direction of the brand.

After that was established, a moodboard was created. Based on the sliders and modifiers, I ended up looking for a mid-century feeling logo with a modern and clean look.

Logo Process

The prompt for this workshop is to create a logo from scratch, I ended up creating a very bold logo with little contrast between the horizontals and verticals. This is a call back to the logos found in mid-century packaging.

After an initial round of 30 thumbnails, the one on the far left was the one I ended up going with. The curved legs gave the logo a unique edge while still fulfilling the brand’s tone. 

Vector revisions were next in line. These six iterations explored on contrast, leg shapes, counters and overall width.

In the end, I ended up with a mixture of all six vector iterations with curved leg for the “R” as well to further emphasize the unique shape. 

Brand Guidelines

Cool colors were used to steer away from the warm tones of mid-century design. This gave the brand a newer and refreshed look without feeling too sleek and modern. As far as patterns and elements go, the shape of the curve and the counters were implemented to further emphasize the same elements found on the logo.


With a library of brand elements, packaging for 35mm film and 600 instant film were made.

Additional Assets

ARTO has the potential to be more than just a film brand, it could develop into a lifestyle brand. These sweaters could be something ARTO would sell along side their film.