User Interfaces UX/UI

A collection of my recent animations of user interfaces from my user experience projects.

UI Desktop Reel

This reel features webpages that are specifically made for desktop uses. This opens up with the homepage for the FAIR site, a modular seating solution for spaces that revolves around productivity. Second screen showcases a homepage for Betapet, an easy to apply wallpaper and wallmural supplier. Ending with a multi-paged website for Sadighi’s, a restaurant that offers Italian comfort food.


An app concept that helps students manage finances through a point system offered by Western Washington University. Students are encouraged to track and manage their finances within this app. This was made from scratch through a workshop that was guided by Artefact.


A smart device concept that transforms any transparent surface into a hub for your home. It can control brightness, tell you time, weather, play music and also acts as your home’s main hub for tracking energy use.

Venmo Concept

This concept improves on the current Venmo environment by reducing the amount of taps to complete a task such as transferring money to your bank and sending a pay/request. A new additiong is Quickpay, it aims to simplify sending money to people who are not on your friends list through the use of scanned codes that eliminates the whole process of searching for the right person using the in-app search function.