Ako si Jude Dacula

Hi! I’m Jude Dacula, a designer specializing in user experience, branding and motion design. I love everything that has to do with creating things as well as tinkering with stuff. I’m a huge tech buff* and that’s where I started my passion for design because it connects technology and cool aesthetics together using computer programs.

Also, I like cars too (maybe a bit too much).

*not actually buff, I should go to the gym more often

As my mama would always say to me “You’re a jack-of-all-trades, master of none” - Mama Dacula. Keep in mind, my mom just likes to roast me. I actually can do design, really well, my mama is just the hardest critic I have in my life. 

My Rèsumè

(360) 914 - 8320