CRUX Wheels  Logo Design + Branding + Social

High quality, small diameter wheels.

CRUX Wheels offers original multi-piece automotive wheels to car enthusiasts. They boast their customizability and selection of styles while having high strength construction. Perfect for show cars, track cars, and everything in between. 

Posters/Social Posts

These are a couple of the posters that I created for CRUX wheels to promote their wheels for social and print. The client requested to make these feel like a “Kaido Racer” which is a style of vehicles in Japan that usually has bright and unusual designs painted on the cars. 

Lips and Barrels Poster

Wheel Catalogue Poster


CRUX Wheels needed a logo for their newest wheel design, CORVUS. I applied some design cues from the wheels, such as the splits between the spokes and the negative space made by the spokes, onto the logo.

Logo Process

Final Logo 

Wheel Specification Label

These are used to signify the specifications for the wheels when they’re being built out. The client wanted these to be writable since all the wheels are hand assembled per order.

Suggested Designs

Final Design