immi BFA Project / Branding + UI + Print

A helping-hand for new immigrants.

“The US government did not do shit. Still hasn’t”.

This was one of the replies from the interview that we conducted during the research phase of this project. This quote encapsulates what is wrong with the current immigration process going into the U.S. and immi aims to solve aspects of it.

Problem Statement

Families and individuals immigrating into the US have little to no help from the government. The moment they arrive here, they’re on their own.


To give some context to this project, here’s some background on the immigration process, specifically people who are receiving an F-Class (Family) visa. This ultimately become our target demographic.

To apply for this type of visa, the person needs to have a family member in the US who is already a US citizen to petition them. Then the local US embassy evaluates the papers, once approved, sends them over to the US. If the application gets approved, the person applying needs to wait up to 25 years in the waitlist before they can step foot in the US with their visa. Once the waitlist is over, the person needs to go through some medical exams to make sure they’re not bringing in any Tuberculosis or other medical problems. Once they pass that, they’re free to go to the US and then receive their Permanent Resident Card (Also known as an Alien Card or Green Card). 

This is a concise explanation of the process and there’s some missing steps here and there but these are the main points.

The main problem that immi solves is after this process. 

Promise Statement

immi provides a more welcoming atmosphere for new immigrants when they arrive. It also aims to give them all the basic resources specified in their area.


immi’s name was derived from the word immigration. The two “I”s in the logo represents two people and the “M”s form the bridge. This is one of the goals of immi, to bridge the gap between moving into the US, to feeling welcome in the US.

The main brand color is this bright blue as it symbolizes a calm and welcoming tone. The brand colors were also used to organize all the resources.

Welcome Form

This is the form families take before they move out to the US. This just provides immi with information on where to send over the welcome kit and if they need additional items such as phones or bus passes.

Welcome Package + Brochure

Currently, the US gives out Green Cards in a regular envelope. This kit provides the family with a warm welcome to the US. In it is a book of localized resources, the family’s Green Cards and bus passes.

It is also in two languages if the family speaks a different first language other than English.


Print was a priority as it was the most accessible option to provide the resources but additionally, there is a website that has the same resources listed out.

Additional Assets

These were posters showing quotes from the interviews. It’s a reality check for people who doesn’t know the struggle of being a new immigrant.

These posters spreads the word about immi as a resource.

In the future, immi could have a brick and mortar type location where immigrants can come in and experts can help them out with any questions.